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is the staffordshire bull terrier the right breed for you?

Before you buy a Staffordshire Bull Terrier puppy it is wise to ensure that this is the correct breed for you and your family. The Stafford Bull Terrier is a stocky, muscular breed with a short single coat. While it is true they do not have an undercoat to shed, they are not a non-shedding breed. You will still have hair around the house. They are normally a hardy, healthy breed but can develop skin problems and allergy related issued if fed on a poor diet. They do not require the levels of exercise of many other breeds such as the hunting or herding breeds but it must be remembered they are an agile and intelligent dog that is very Terrier in nature and will require enough to keep him both physically and mentally sound. An intelligent dog with time on his hands will find ways to release the energy and boredom. 

    Renowned for its affinity towards humans, particularly children. He is therefore a dog who is more comfortable sharing your home, your lap, and even your tea than it is spending long periods of time on his own outdoors or in a crate or kennel. The cute little puppy you first bring home will mature into a powerful and muscular animal with males in particular needing a strong arm to hold the lead. As has been stated, Staffords love people and can be quite boisterous – not everyone appreciates being jumped at, licked or full on tackled in some cases by such enthusiasm as shown by the Stafford and mental strength will aslo be needed for training to help them develop into a well behaved pet.

     Having a dog is a lot of extra work and responsibility and you need to be sure that you can commit yourself to your dog's welfare for its entire life, which on average is 14-16 years. Because of its history of close relationship with humans the Stafford does not make a good guard dog. They will certainly be a watchdog and alert you to any intruders but they will not usually act upon it. If greeted by anyone with a happy voice, a treat, toy or perhaps the enticement of a fun walk, this will be their new best friend and they will happily go along with them while they steal the TV. Staffords are not suited to being left for long periods without outside stimulation, they will surely create their own! 

    It is to be remembered that every breed has a history and that of the Staffordshire Bull Terrier is a colourful one and, although they adore people, they will certainly react if challenged by another dog. For this reason you must always be a responsible owner and never take your dog out in public unless he is on a lead and to further improve on this it’s recommended that much time is spent on socialisation from a young puppy. In addition, you must ensure that your garden is secure and "dog-proof"; Staffords have no fear of traffic and all too often become road accident victims. It is recommended that where there are two or more Staffords in a household, they are separated if left unattended for any length of time and having more than one male is never recommended.

    Of course there are many positive virtues to owning a Stafford - he is a dog with special qualities which makes him an ideal family dog. The Staffordshire Bull Terrier is well suited to a close living relationship with its human companions and thrives on a one-to-one contact. They are highly intelligent and only your imagination limits the amount of tricks they can be taught. Many excel in activities like agility. A well socialised and trained Stafford with a calm disposition makes an excellent PAT dog. Children can spend endless hours playing with them, reading to them and dressing them up and they will love every minute of the attention. And most of all, being ever eager to please, he will give you a lifetime of devotion.

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