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Engladian Simply Sinful

" Tiva"

Black Brindle

Born:  11.06.2012

L2-Hga: Hereditarily Clear

HC: Hereditarily Clear

PHPV/PPSC: Unaffected

 Tiva is Buddha's litter sister. She is such a character, full of energy and life, ready for action. Tiva simply hasn't stayed still from the moment she was born! When all others are ready for an afternoon or evening nap Tiva is there pestering everyone to carry on and play. You could almost be annoyed with her if it wasn't for the fact that once settled there is no sweeter dog than her. If anyone is ill or feeling down it's always Tiva who stays by your side. 
    Like her brother, Tiva is a top sized dog at 15 3/4" and a lovely brindle with dark eyes. She has a perfect topline, straight wide front coupled with a well angulated rear. Superb on the move. Tiva is a bit of a handful, with not being able to stand still for more than a minute and being a very fiery girl, so has only been shown lightly but has most always placed well.

Click here for photos of Tiva

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