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buying a puppy

  Ideally you’ve put in the time researching the breed, its needs, temperament, health issues, testing that should be in place, and decided that a Staffordshire Bull Terrier is the dog for you. Where do you find a quality puppy? A good starting point is to attend some shows or local SBT handling clubs to see some good examples of the breed and found several breeders that have the type & color you prefer. Another good first point of contact is to call SBT Breed Clubs and speak to someone who will be able to offer advice on available litters from quality breeders. 

It’s important to choose a conscientious breeder and discuss what you are looking for, ask what criteria the breeder has for owners, the "Puppy Contract" and develop a relationship as early as possible to ensure you will be placed on a waiting list. Some breeders will allow you to visit and to see their dogs to satisfy yourself that the type & temperament is consistent with the Breed Standard and ensure both parents are KC Registered. It may be helpful to take someone along with you to view the litter who is familiar with the breed, but the final choice should be yours.

    At Engladian Staffords we put a minimum of 1 year of research & planning to choose the right stud for our girls and we start a waiting list for potential owners shortly before mating takes place. Our puppies are born in our living room so that their first smells, sights and sounds come from our daily activities. As they outgrow the whelping box they are moved into a puppy run in the heart of our kitchen where we and the other dogs spend lots of time playing and interacting with them. Weather permitting, they explore in the garden several times a day. 

We don't tiptoe around, speak in hushed tones or avoid regular household sounds like the tv, music, vacuum, visiting children, the lawn mower and car rides to the vet....we believe that growing up to the sights & sounds of normal family life creates well adjusted, confident puppies for when they venture forward to their new homes.

    We generally breed a litter to keep something for ourselves and, although we encourage those on our waiting list to visit often and view the pups, we are not able to promise which puppy they will take home until we have made our own choice at 7 weeks of age. We allow visitors from 4 weeks onwards. A puppy is best left with his mother until 8 weeks of age, following which he will be ready to go out into the big, wide world and that is when the work truly begins for the new 'parents'. 

    When the day arrives to take your puppy home, and as much as we know you just want to get home and get to know your new baby, we will need time to go over all details of care & feeding, set up the 4 weeks free Kennel Club health insurance, go through and sign the Contract Agreement. These pups were well planned and brought into the world by us, nurtured, loved and played with for 8 weeks so be prepared for us to take a photo of them with you and likely a tearful goodbye.  We are always sad to see them go but it brings us great joy & satisfaction knowing they will be enjoyed, cared for and bring happiness to you. We hope to remain in contact for the entire lives of our pups, to hear about all the ups and downs, answer any questions, offer advice or provide help if for any reason should the puppy need to be rehomed.

All of our puppies leave us with:

  • full health exam by our vet

  • PHPV/PPSC Eye exam

  • 1st vaccination

  • wormed to date

  • microchip

  • UK KC registration papers

  • personalized 5 generation pedigree

  • food that they have been weaned onto (incl. 10% off coupon towards your 1st purchase of the brand we feed)

  • contract agreement (all puppies are sold with restrictions on their papers with a non breeding agreement unless specifically agreed upon at the time of being placed on a waiting list)

  • 4 weeks free Kennel Club health insurance

  • special pack which includes information on the breed, health & care, pictures from birth to day of leaving along with toys, treats and a blanket with the smells of home to help the puppy adjust to its first days & nights in a new home.

  • a lifetime of help, advice & support from us

    A cash deposit of £200 is required as a show of your commitment to secure a puppy, which will be deducted from the balance of the purchase price. This is a non-refundable deposit so please consider carefully before asking to be placed on a waiting list. We ask that this be paid AFTER pups are born at around 4 weeks of age, when you come to visit the puppies for the first time. While time of placement on the waiting list and a deposit do not entitle you to your pick of the litter, we make every effort to match each puppy to the right family taking into consideration the owners needs as well as the puppy’s personality. We feel this goes a long way to ensuring you have a lifetime of happiness with the right dog for you.

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