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Engladian Can't Buy Me Love

" Thandi"

" Thandi"

Black Brindle & White
L2-Hga: Hereditarily Clear
HC: Hereditarily Clear
PHPV/PPSC: Unaffected

Thandi is very proudly our 3rd generation. Although she is completely bonkers and affectionately referred to as "The Lunatic" she is aptly named. Thandi, short for Thandile (Tan-dee-lay), is a South African word meaning "the loving one". She is a very active girl with endless energy. Although this can make her a bit of a handful in the ring she has been having some success so far and we hope she achieve the potential she shows.  Thandi has size, strength and bone without compromising femininity. 

Click here for photos of Thandi
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