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Engladian My Obsession

" Kahlua"

Black Brindle

Born: 18.10.2010

L2-Hga: Hereditarily Clear

HC: Hereditarily Clear

PHPV/PPSC: Unaffected

Kahlua is from our 1st litter between our Jett and CH.Rotherstaff Black Tie. She is the self appointed queen of the roost here and rules with an arrogant air.....she is better than ALL others and we often refer to her as "The Diva". She is usually very calm and cool but don't let that fool you though, for she is definitely full of fire! There is never a dull moment with Kahlua around. Her arrogant nature carries over to the show ring and anyone who knows her can tell you she knows she's a diva! She's a beautiful blend of bull & terrier with not hint of extra flesh on her, a very tidy girl. She has excellent pigment with a lovely dark coat, black nails and eyes so dark they are almost black. 

Click here to see photos of Kahlua

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