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1st. Yarham's "Engladian Can't Buy Me Love". One that caught my eye soon as she entered the ring, She has a piercing expression and is on her toes at all times, She has a beautifully shaped strong head which was well defined yet still feminine, Excellent stop and cheek bumps, correct bite and good underjaw, Dark round eyes and well set ears to finish off the picture and give the desired expression. Her short well muscled neck showed no weakness and she has a good front with good width and depth of brisket, well muscled legs and tight well-padded feet, behind the collar I found a good spring of rib, short coupling, good topline, correct tail set, good angulation when viewed in profile and well defined rear quarters which she used to give her handler a hard time as she powered up and down the mat, she was in super condition, Still so much more to come from this girl, She pushed the BB hard, a little more maturity and she could go all the way! RES BEST BITCH & RES BEST IN SHOW

Southern Counties SBT Society - Limit


Judge: Melanie Corcoran

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